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Q: How do we start?

A: The initial step is to contact us by email: jenadesigns@btopenworld.com, or by filling out the CONTACT form

Q: How can we transfer drawings or files to you?

A: If you are unable to email files for any reason, you may mail paper copies and we will have them scanned for you.

Q: Do you provide a free trial?

A: Not as a rule, but we do welcome an opportunity to show you what we do without charge, and this does of course depend on our current commitments.

Q: What graphic standards are followed?

A: We follow our graphic standards by default unless you provide other specific instructions for us to follow.

Q: How long will it take.?

A: This will of course depend on the project, but you will be given an undertaking before any work is undertaken and you will be kept informed of progress during the works.

Q: What is Overnight Service?

A: When we offer Overnight Service, this means that work may start immediately and through the night if necessary.

Q: How do I make payments?

A: You may wire transfer to our banker by BACS transfer or pay through PayPal.

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